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math 165 - 03/26/2004
DIMKA what is the problem with the PIC. Anyone who has a problem with the picturse should have his belonings cut off.You now what i mean.
******** - 03/26/2004
hey,dima i just want to say happy birthday(^)(^);)
inna - 03/25/2004
dima, dont listen to those ppl or that person who has problems with the pictures, ppl themselves paste pics on that site and maybe they want their pics to be here on the site...this site looks better with pictures
inna - 03/23/2004
dima y dont u have any pics on ur site anymore??

Answer: Sorry, but somebody has problems with me having somebody's Pictures here, on this site, and he is probably shy anough not to tell me which pictures to delete, so I just keep them all out of this site.
Embrangle - 03/23/2004
Dima - what's up with the public album? where did it go? I like your site - public album too!
Dmx - 03/23/2004
hey ak1200! what is the problem with you! if you don't like the site - just don't look @ it - it is that simple!!!
lubimaya.. - 03/19/2004
anyone of you from rochester are going to the albany conference on 20th?
Yuriy - 03/18/2004
Dimka zdarov slish ya imeu vapros gde mne mojna skachat script na IP chtob pokazivalo kak y tebya na site ili ti mne vishle file na moy email thanks man God Bless Ya! esli smoj to PLEASE PLEASE vishli mne script! a to ya nemagu etyu script zdelat ishche nekogda script na IP nedelal =\ ok davai... GOT SOME NEW STUFF IN =) nice
Tanya Maystruk - 03/16/2004
Hi Dima this is tanya katya's cousin happy st.pats day!!
Zayka - 03/12/2004
Hi Dima.............HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! .....God Bless U...keep a good job on ur website(^)(^)(^)(^)(^)(^);)

Answer: Hmm, Thanks, but my B-day is not even close. Still Thanks.
valerik - 03/12/2004
Dima wants again God Bless you! Nice Site! All youth you are welcome to visit and become a member on the christian site - Contact
Alonka - 03/11/2004
hey al1200, the things you write in everybodys guestbook are not very nice. Can u please change your life around?
Olya N.P. - 03/05/2004
Privet Dima. I see lots of new stuff in here, good job on these updates!!! C ya later
stacie davis - 03/05/2004
hey, moved to Rochester 5 months ago. Where do you all fellowship? I'd love to meet some people my age who love God. I just turned 21
Yuriy - 03/04/2004
Dima zdarov kak dela, slish ya imeu malenkiy vopros eslib ti mne smog dat mne email na like thanks write me back so we can talk! =) have fun! God Bless You!

Answer: I am sorry, But it's not posible to make that e-mail, because if you write to, it goes to my e-mail. BUT... You can make an acount at and have an e-mail Have fun.