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andrey - 10/23/2004
Everyone Is Lena Chiley getting married soon?
Liliya - 10/11/2004
Hello guys.Does anybody know Vova Dovbenyuk, who lives in London, plz write me.OK?Thanks. :-);)
selena - 10/07/2004
natalie - 10/01/2004
yo dima hi were u at the weiding? rita serezha? if u were can u put some piks on? thanks
ella - 09/29/2004
Hi! i love your website: it's awesome!!! Your site has really cool music on it!!!
Tolik Seattle - 09/18/2004
Я никогда не помню имена, но я всегда забываю лица... - Contact
Yulichka - 09/14/2004
Atten: Please remove my site from "Hot Links".. I did NOT ask for it to be advertised on here. Thank you. - Contact
Innochka - 08/24/2004
Hey Dima... why your music is not plaing ???

Answer: No, Ina, The music is Playing. The problem is probably with your computer.
Alla - 08/09/2004
i like this site, great music.. there are some cool music at (if u r interested) - Contact
olichka - 08/05/2004
Hey friend just want to tell you that you have nice side the most cool website in the world. God bless you. Keep up a good work.
lilka - 07/14/2004
hey nice page keep up the good work
inna - 07/10/2004
hey sashka got any pics from marina kasap's wedding? if u do, will u plz put them on ? thankx
Yuriy - 07/07/2004
Dima I have a question to ask you, so please email me, thanks, I would apreciate :)
tim - 06/09/2004
hello god Blas You - Contact
Malushka - 05/24/2004
Hi Dima...;)How r u?...How was conferention? Can u put some pictures..please(p)(p)(p) You have nice Public Album but can u put some new pictures everyday...even one would be enough...Thank u.Keep up a good job.........God Bless U.....Be safe:):):):)