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Irysya - 01/03/2005

Prosmotr - 01/01/2005
S Novim Godom! Chevo vse zamorozilis'?!
Prosmotr - 12/26/2004
С РОЖДЕСТВОМ И НОВЫМ ГОДОМ ВСЕХ ПОЭДАВЛЯЮ. Смотрите мои фотографии. Толик, Сеатл. - Contact
VitaminXP Administrator - 12/23/2004
Hello Every Body! (z)(x) Today is a (^) birthday (^) of this website. It's 2 years old. It was launched in Dec 23, 2002. Thank You for visiting this site. Upload more pictures (p) to Public Album. (msn) Happy Holidays !!! (g) - Contact
olichka - 12/23/2004
I want to see some more pics in your new album. What is taking you so long?

Answer: Hey, if you want more pictures in the NEw Public Album, then Upload (post) there more pictures. That's why it's PUBLIC, for People.
katya - 12/23/2004
Dima why you deleted Vovkas and Innas pic from your new public album. They look so quite togeter. Are they going to get married? Can you post their pics again - Contact
VitaminXP Administrator - 12/22/2004
Hey, guys and girls. Check out a NEW Public Album beter than old one. (msn) Click Here to go to New Public Album (p) Now. (y) There are several nice things that old one doesn't have. Everybody upload/share nice pictures with the rest of community!

PS: Mary Christmas and Happy New 2005 YEAR !!! (g) - Contact
julie - 12/09/2004
hey dima i like this website but there should be some new pics for the rochester youth
:-) - 11/29/2004
Hi Dima, I haven't got a chance to look @ your site for some time, and now i am here again and i see so many cool things flying around ;-) dobra robota Dima!
sasha - 11/23/2004
yes Lenachka, to u, who also is gettin married around here krome tebya milaya :)
lena - 11/20/2004
sasha talkin to me?
Sasha - 11/19/2004
because i know how good u do it ;)
Sasha - 11/19/2004
more new pics in public album please... and Lena we are happy for u, keep up the good the job
Lenka - 11/03/2004
hey you how you doing?! nice web side. keep up a good job .
lena - 10/25/2004
andrey, yes i am.. but not yet ..why? who are you?