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Lena - 10/18/2005
Hey Dima can you make another album of you and your girl? When is your wedding?
Tatyana - 10/17/2005
Dima, Make sure you have lots of pictures of your wedding. You picked an excellent wife. I assure you'll have good life w/her as she w/you.
to dima - 10/17/2005
Hey Dima, I think you should put those pictures from funeral in one Album like you did others.. Because Its takes a lot of memories in ur public album.
Ol'Chick - 10/15/2005
Hey Dima Congrats on the Upcoming Wedding!!!!!! God bless!
ksuha - 10/14/2005
mne ochen zhalko toh ludei sho ymerli!! :( Ya esli chesno, to plakala nemnozhko, cuz, ya znaiu sho takoe poteryat rodnogo brata ili sestry! :(:'(
natasha_wa - 10/12/2005
hey guys, what are those people who died>> in the public albutm. i saw the pics. thats is so so sad. man i feel so sorry for the family:) may GOD helpes them to get throught the really hard times well i just wanted to know where they from:0 thanks
Shura - 10/12/2005
i think its a bad idea to post 7 pages of a funeral in the public album
ksuha - 10/11/2005
why I cant lishet your truk songs??? Its a big problem!!!:(:s Its always says: stopped & no playing!!
tanka - 10/07/2005
hi ppl
Vadim - 10/01/2005
Nice site dude, I like the Photo Gallery and most of the things on the site! Keep it up! - Contact
nattie - 09/30/2005
I can't register because the confirmation number won't get sent to my email. Is there anything to do?
to dimka - 09/29/2005
hey when do we have conference about cemenari?
natasha_wa - 09/29/2005
hey DIMA,. put some new pics. come on. i wanna see something new. like pics. thanks;) everything else is perfect::):)
natasha_wa - 09/19/2005
DIMA. thanks. i can log in now. its all good now. thanks:)
natasha_wa - 09/16/2005
hey DIma. i was trying to log in like couple times. and steal got me as a guest. and i cant log in 4 some reason?! can u help me plz:). thanks:)

Answer: I don't know what the problem is. Everybody else can Log-In. Try to set your browser's privacy to medium, if it's not. Go to Tools Menu ->Internet Options ->Privacy Tab -> Slide the slider to medium. Good Luck.