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Vasiliy - 08/30/2005
the last time I was here was looong time ago. It is good to see that this website is still up and running, with updates. Of course you can always make it better, but little less details like clock will make it even better. Prostota - sestra talanta. - Contact
*** - 08/10/2005
Hello from North Carolina!
Yulia - 08/09/2005
Hi sisters and brothers! I'm from California, from Castro Valley Youth. You guys have a nice website. Keep up the good work. God bless you all. Come and visit our youths' website too. We got pictures there too. - Contact
Nick - 07/28/2005
Dima Thank you for posting pictures from the baptizing 2005
tima - 07/27/2005
Gog Bles you - Contact
NIkki - 07/26/2005
Hello Dima, Looks like you're getting lotsa compliments for this site, what can I say, yea, everything is very well, skillfully done.
to dima - 07/25/2005
hey dima would you please put some pictures from the babtism that was in rochester last sunday on 24th? if you have any..

Answer: Here you go. Pictures are Here. Look in: Photos --> Baptising 2005
Good Luck.
to Nadyusha - 07/22/2005
Hi,can you please make your pics in public albom bigger, because we cannot see it even in glasses
Ol'Chick - 07/19/2005
Hi Dima, thx alot for capturing and posting our wedding pictures! They turned out good. God bless!
tanichka - 07/17/2005
privet !
vova - 07/17/2005
hello !
to Dima - 07/08/2005
Spasibo za Ewas pics
mr mugu - 07/07/2005

vera - 07/06/2005
hey does anyone have Ewas and Sergeys wedding pics? please post them

Answer: OK. I have posted some in album Photos --> Wedding of Ewa and Sergey
ulises cruz - 07/02/2005
hi I am glad to be here