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liechka - 03/26/2007
heybody. is there is anyone from saceamento? - Contact
luda - 02/13/2007
BIKA--- I know peter torchilo if u need something let me know
taras - 02/07/2007
hey everybody my name is Taras im from Cleveland. I heard about this website so i decided to visit it. Well all i can say is whoever put all of this together did a wonderfull job. I know how much time it takes to do all of this because we have a website too for our Cleveland youth. If you decide to see what cleveland is up to just visit our website at SFGYOUTH.COM God Bless all of you
danök - 01/29/2007
sdrasti . priwet wam tam sa akojanam fsem .kak tam u was dela?
Vadim - 01/27/2007
Hay admin. I like your MIDI files on very nice. I save the MIDI files onto my USB 512MB card and put them on to my $1000 YAMAHA Piano and my YAMAHA teaches me how to play the music on your site. Very nice man ;) Just to let you know, When I play your MIDI files on my computer, the sound quality is not good. But when my YAMAHA Piano plays them, the sound quality is way better I don't know why. I got a nice sound card for my computer and nice speakers, and still MIDI files are bad cheap quality. But the MIDI files on you site are nice when my Piano plays them off your site. I can play some songs on my Piano with the beats and and everything. I do this just to practice playing because I just got my piano. I never know that your website can help me with my Piano skills. Nice site Admin. Thank you very much. GOD BLESS YOU!!!! AND YOUR FAMILY!!!! VERY NICE WEBSITE!!!!! - Contact
slavik - 01/09/2007
hey can u put more cool games on please. because this is a web site i can go in scchool on its cool. plaese put some racing games on. thanx!!!
lana - 01/03/2007
hey kolichka! i love you!
Vika - 01/02/2007
Vsim pruvit!!! Xto nebyt mozhe pidkazatu yak znaitu Petera Torchulo.Z tux pir yak vin zhenuvsya mu nemozhe znaitu ix z dryzhunou. Mozhe xto mae ixniy telefon bydy dyzhe vdyachna.
LiLia - 01/02/2007
Hey EveryBody! Hav a Wonderful Year of 2007 :) Be Blessed ! - Contact
galya - 12/23/2006
klasni fotku mojna bagato cho znaitu
Liliya - 11/27/2006
Nice Site I like it
bogdan - 11/21/2006
hi dima sho tu robish
http://none - Contact
anna - 11/01/2006
Dima, how come you are not posting Alex's wedding pics?
Vadim - 10/30/2006
Hi everyone. Nice site. God Bless You all. - Contact
macuser - 10/25/2006
Why this page going not so well whith MacBook???