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to tanya - 06/30/2005
yo he was racing with this one dude and things didnt work out so good and he kinda kiled him self thats horible
to tanya - 06/27/2005
he died from speeding in rochester
tanya - 06/22/2005
hey everyone...can someone tell me what happend to that guy from the public photos funural?
PROSMOTR - 06/21/2005

PROSMOTR - 06/21/2005
Привет Катька. Вот фотки с Парижа. Там очень круто.
http://under construction - Contact
liusha - 06/16/2005
olichka ne id v kaliforniu!!!!
http://hiIIII - Contact
Tamara Lyudmila from Spartanburg SC - 06/15/2005
Hello.Vu mojete peredat' bol'shoy privet dlya Marii Korol'chuk, ot Tamaru i Lyudu s Spartanburga SC kotorie bili netak to davno v gostyah s molodd'u.Thanks...
Zarina - 06/10/2005
anybody knows how i can register here ? or sigh in ???????///
natashenka_p - 06/10/2005
hey everyone! does anyone knows lenas MOCHKOVSKAYA e-mail well if u do plz let me know. thanks so much. and MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF U:):):)
malishka - 06/10/2005
A big THANK U to the unknown sender for pozdravleniye :) its me lena ... May God bless u too ! :)
Slavik - 06/09/2005
great web site great photos bye Jerry from Chicago.:d - Contact
TO: Lena Chiley - 06/09/2005
Hey Lenachka, I know that ur turning 20 on june 9th so I am just wishing you a Happy 20th Birthday and May God Bless you! Be Good and Slushai svoix Bat'kiv :-)
TO TANYA - 05/28/2005
The song В НЕБЕСАХ that you asked for, originally it was created by Ledyaev, and he also sang it. The other one is Kovalchuk, he sings it also. That's as far as I know.
Tanya - 05/26/2005
Who sings the song В НЕБЕСАХ. Does enyone know? Thanks
luda s. - 05/20/2005
i like ur site. u guys should put the missionary conference pictures up if anyone has them.