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How to Use Windows XP Uninstall Windows Geniun Advantage Validator

    Uninstall Windows Geniun Advantage Validator

    Windows Geniun Advantage Validator is the Windows Update that checks if your Windows OS is a geniun, authentic or not. If  not, it displays anoying messages that your Windows is not authentic and genuin, and makes you to purchase a good one.

    There is a whole story on website how to manualy remove it from your computer, but I have created a little tool that does that all automaticaly. This tool is a .bat file format. All it does is runs a series of DOS commands to remove files, registry keys, and unregister one DLL file to get rid of Windows Geniun Advantage Validator.

    Click Here to download this file now, run it, and read the instructions that it's gonno tell you.

    Good Luck.

    Published on: 2006-09-11 Author: