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How to Work with Images/Pictures Recomanded Software

    Recommanded Software

    Of course for different purposes there are different software that I don't even know about, but I will tell you about what I know.

    I recomand software for:

    • Professional Photo editing: Adobe Photoshop (for MAC I recomand also Apple Apperture)
    • Regular Photo/Picture editing: Jasc Paintshop
    • Creating Animations: Adobe ImageReady (comes with Photoshop), Macromedia Flash (for animated videos & more) , Swish (simplified Flash)
    • 3D Graphics: Ulead 3D Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Maya (Pro users)

    Of course the newer version is better, but you look at your budget if you are not getting the software for free from some file sharing software.

    You probably think "Ohh, easy to say, but all this software is too expencive...". If you do, then read the following article about how to get Free Software.


    Published on: 2006-03-18 Author: admin