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How to Set Up/Use Windows Features Remote Desktop

    Set Up a Remote Desktop

    This is a really nice feature added in Windows XP Professional or Media Center Edition. To set up Remote Desktop, follow these steps.

    1. Locate My Computer icon, right click on it and select Properties
    2. When System Properties window opens up, click Remote tab menu
    3. In Remote Desktop section check box labeled "Allow users to connect remotely to this Computer"
    4. Click Select Remote Users.. button
    5. In the new opened window click Add button
    6. In the text field type user names separated by comma, that you you want to be able to connect remotely to this computer. If you forgot all user names, click Advanced button, then Find Now button in new window to get a list of users to choose from.
    7. When you finished selecting users, click OK button for all windows opened.

    Before thinking that you are done, check if you have a router or hub in your network. If you use a router or  hub to make a network, you will have to set up router/hub to redirect port 3389 to your network IP, and your network IP has to be static (one that doesn't change).

    For help with configuring router/hub to redirect port to your computer, read router's/hub's user manual (if you have one), or find it online usually on manufacturer's website.

    To make your network IP steady, check out Changing Network IP Address section.

    NOTE: If you have only one computer connected to internet, or modem, you don't have to configure IP redirection and static IP.

    So how do I connect?
    To connect from another computer running windows XP, click on Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> Remote Desktop Connection. Then type in internet IP address of the computer that has Remote Desktop set up, and click Connect button. If you have a Dial-Up or other slow internet connection, click on Options button, then Experience tab to configure your connection speed before connecting.


    Published on: 2006-08-20 Author: Admin