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How to Set Up/Use Windows Features Home/Office Network

    Set Up a simple Network

    To make a simple network, you either need a:

    • Router
    • Hub
    • Network Cable to connect two computers together
    • Wireless (WAN) Ethernet adapter installed in both computers to connect wirelessly, or for wired connection you want to make sure you have a network card (Ethernet adapter) installed in computer.

    When you set up a simple network, you have to make sure of two things:

    1. All computers have to be connected to same router, hub, routers connected together (if many routers), or connected to each other via network cable or wireless pear-to-pear connection.
    2. All computers are configured for same Workgroup

    To change workgroup follow these steps:

    Locate My Computer

    Right click on it and select Properties

    You should get a new window with System Properties

    Click on tab menu item Computer Name

    Then click on Change button. New window should pop up.

    In this window type a Work Group that you will be using, and enter the same work group name for all computers that you want to be on that network. Work Group can be any word (ex: MYHOUSE, VITAMINXP, etc.).

    While changing work group, also change the computer name, and description on same window.

    When you are done, click OK in both windows.

    You are almost done. You will have to restart your computer, and then other computers that you want to be able to connect to each other.

    To see if everything is going well, after restarting both computers, on one of them locate My Network Places. If you don't see a folder named with a name of other computer, click on the left menu item View Workgroup Computers. There you will see all computers connected to the same workgroup. You can open that computer to see it's sharing folders and printers.

    To share a folder or printer with entire network, see Sharing Resources over Network section.

    If you see all computers that you wanted to connect to this network, then you are done, other ways folow these steps again for each computer. Enjoy Networking.

    Published on: 2006-08-20 Author: Admin