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How to Set Up/Use Windows Features Dial Up Connection

    Set Up Dial-Up Internet Connection

    To connect to Internet by modem using AOL, NezZero, Blue Light, Frontier, Blue Frog, Juno or any other Service Provider you don't have to use their software on CD. That CD contains many ads, and the program has to be on your screen all the time, which takes up space and bothers many people. To connect to Dial-Up Internet all you need is:

    Phone Number to Internet Service Provider (ISP)
    User Name

    and you are ready to connect without using ISP's software with ads. Just follow these steps:

    1) Click START -> Settings -> Contrtoll Pannel
    2) open Network Connections
    3) Click Create New Connection on left side menu
    4) in new window click Next
    5) check Connect to Internet -> Next
    6) check Setup Manualy -> Next
    7) check Modem -> Next
    8) enter ISP Name (ex: Frontier, AOL,...) -> Next
    9) enter Phone Number to ISP -> Next
    10) enter User Name and Password 2 times -> Next
    11) Finish

    Now you have a new Network Connection in list. You can right click on it to make a link to it on Desktop for easy access, or change settings in properties menu item.

    Good Luck with browsing internet. Make sure you make this site as your homepage :)

    Published on: 2006-05-29 Author: Admin