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    Best Selling Desktops / Laptops

    Best Selling Laptops and Notebooks

    It's one thing to ask people what they would like to buy, and another thing to find out what they actually bought.
    Because of this quirk in human behavior, we decided to find out which were the best selling laptop and notebook computers.

    While probably no one really knows the exact number of units sold, various stores, shopping search engines, and manufacturer press releases allude to which laptops and notebooks are the best sellers.

    Best Selling Laptops During Christmas 2003

    Data amassed from ARS panel participants (from December 6, 2003 to January 17, 2004) found the Compaq Presario 2190US and the Toshiba Satellite A15-S129  were the top two models within the US retail market.
    The Compaq Presario led with a 12.4% unit share and the Toshiba Satellite A15-S129 a 7.4% unit share. The Toshiba’s Satellite A35-S159 was the third best selling notebook, following closely with a 6.4% unit share.

    Additional claims for the best selling laptop and notebook:

    1. Per Dell's April 17, 2003 press release, they are the number 1 worldwide manufacturer of laptops, desktops, and servers.

    On January 14, 2004 Dell announced it had the No. 1 ranking in Technology Business Research's quarterly IT Buying and Customer Satisfaction Study for notebook PCs, where it has maintained its leadership position for more than five years.

    2. On June 2, 2003 HP claimed they were the "leading vendor of worldwide notebook PC sales". However, this is somewhat skewed since HP is adding Compaq notebooks and HP notebooks to arrive at this number. In actuality, Compaq notebooks are usually one of the top five brands in sales, while HP branded notebooks are probably not in the top 10.

    3. Toshiba's ad slogan is that they have the world's best selling notebooks, and as a matter of fact, you will see this printed on their notebook boxes. We have not seen the numbers Toshiba bases their claim on.

    So keep these "facts" in mind as you review the rest of the resources on this page.

    Store that Track Best Selling Laptops and Desktops

    1. The shopping search engine DealTime Best Selling Notebooks will show which laptops are the most popular. And you can also check out their Most Popular Desktops page as well.

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