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How to Fix Windows Drivers

    Device Drivers

    If you are reading this, your device is probably missing a driver, or you think you need a device driver.

    First I will tell you how to check if Device Driver is what you need. Follow these simple steps (For operating systems other than Windows XP these steps may be different):

    • Click on START -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System icon
    • Hardware Tab
    • in Device Drivers section click [Device Drivers] button

    List of devices should appear. If you see any devices with BOLD yellow question mark (?) icon, those are devices that are missing drivers. or basically are not installed properly and need attention.

    Where do I get Device Drivers?
    If you purchased your device, you should get a CD (Compact Disk) that comes with it. Usually one of CDs that come with device is driver CD. Sometimes 2-3 Drives CDs come with computer. Insert CD in CD ROM and install driver either from main menu or open CD content, and look for Setup.exe file.

    I don't have a CD with device, what do I do?
    If you don't have a CD with your device, you can go to the website of vendor (company that made that device) and look for driver on their website. Usually you have to click on Downloads/Software/Support menu to get closer to driver you need. This is best source of driver because they should have a latest version of driver.

    If driver is not available at vendor's website, I usually go to and use user name: drivers , and password: all. That's their universal User Name and Pass. On this site you can find almost any driver to any device from any company. You have to log in before you can search for drivers. There are several options to search for drivers.

    Once you download the driver you need, sometimes you have to unzip it before you can install it. Usually you double-click on the installation file (usually Setup.exe) and follow installation steps.

    If after installing drivers your device still doesn't work, there can be compatibility issue or System Resources (IRQ, I/O Range, Memory Range) conflict. Click Here to look for more information about this on Google.

    Published on: 2006-03-15 Author: admin