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How to Windows Usefull Tricks Your Time Optimization

    Optimize your time

    Optimize time means to do same amount of work in less time. Here are ways of doing it:

    1. Use keyboard shortcuts, this will speed up time coping/pasting/cutting text/images and more. It's mush faster to click Ctrl+C buttons then get your mouse, right click on something, then select [Copy] option from menu, or go to [Edit] -> [Copy] menu.
    2. Instead of getting mouse and pressing [OK], [Submit] and other buttons that do same kind of job, usually you can just press [Enter] key on your keyboard. On desktop you have 2 of them for easier/faster access to it.
    3. Get a faster computer, or make your computer faster by upgrading CPU or RAM.

    If you didn't get use to this, and don't want to switch from mouse to keyboard shortcuts, you are just wasting time. It seems like only 1-2 seconds are wasted, but count how many times you do it in a day, especially some one working with text, programming, word processing, graphics editing, it can save a lot of time, as it saves for me.

    In some cases your desktop items may not be reachable, so without clicking [Windows key] + D it can be a tough time to get something from desktop or other folder.

    Look at Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows OS, and find the ones you can use and save time.

    "Time Is Money".

    Published on: 2006-09-05 Author: admin