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How to Find Something Free Software

    Get Free Software

    For those who use to buy software or in some cases borrow from friends it may sound unbelievable that you can actually get almost any software from internet for FREE.

    How's that possible?
        There are millions or at least thousands of people who has the software you are dreaming about. Some of them maybe purchased it from retail store or internet store, but most of them got it for absolutely free. Those millions are sharing that software, music, movies, games or all kinds of files with rest of internet users.

        There is a bit more legal way of doing it. There are legal websites that actually let you download freeware, shareware, demo, trial versions and other type of software. Some of these sites are:

    How do I get to those files?
        There are several FREE sharing software out there that can give you access to all those files. Some of them are:

    I have to warn you that you can easily infect your computer with all kinds of viruses downloading them from those sharing programs. You have to be advanced computer user to keep your computer clean from all that junk. Also there are many fake files that are named as the one you are looking for, but once you download it, it's something completely different. Copyright protectors do that to give a hard time finding free software to make people buy it.

    Note: This website nor I am not responsible of what you do with those files and for anything you do with this information. Do everything at your own risk.

    Published on: 2006-08-10 Author: Guest