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How to Use This Site Recommendations


    I recommend to have and use following programs for best performance of this website:

  • Latest Internet Explorer (can be downloaded from
  • Windows XP Operating System (for best appearance & performance)
  • Enabled Cookies in Internet Settings (required to be able to log-in, register, more)
  • Enabled Java Script (required)
  • Screen Size: min. 15 inches or 1024 pixels wide resolution so everything fits well
  • Processor: at least 700 MHz
  • Photoshop or Painshop software for editing/resizing pictures before uploading/publishing
  • CD-RW CD ROM (Disk Drive) for burning music to CDs
  • I recommend you to have at least following specifications in your computer:

  • at least 2.5 GHz Intel Pentium 4 Processor
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • at least 15 inches ViewSonic, SONY or DELL flat LCD screen
  • at least 128 MB Memory in video card
  • CD-RW/DVD ROM Disk Drive (DVD±RW is recommended for all types of disks)
  • Microphone
  • at least USB 1 (USB 2 is recommended)
  • Installed Video Card (Not built in with mother board)
  • Optical Mouse
  • I don't recommend wireless Mouse or Keyboard (many people have problems with them)
  • Memory Card Reader (if you have a digital camera)
  • These things are almost necessary for people who deal with computer quite a bit, not just surf internet. If you want to find any electronics, I recommend to shop through to find best deals.

    I recommend following software for:

    Music Editing: Sony Sound Forge (latest version)
    Video Editing: Sony Vegas (latest version)
    DVD Authoring: Sony DVD Architect (latest version)
    Picture Editing/Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop (latest version)
    Website Building: Macromedia DreamWeaver (latest version), Microsoft FrontPage (latest version)
    Flash Video: Macromedia Flash (latest version), Swish (latest version)
    Recording CD/DVD Disks: Roxio Media Creator (latest version)

    Of course if you don't do any of these things, then you probably don't need this software. You can find any software for free using one eMule, eDonkey or Overnet file shaing program.

    Published on: 2006-03-17 Author: admin